Structured Wiring

Gone are the days when the phone company took care of your phone needs by installing a single wall mounted rotary phone. There is now serious competition between cable and phone companies to be your sole provider of telephone, internet, and television service. Furthermore, many people now choose to go with a satellite company to provide them with their TV service.

Structured wiring or Future Smart wiring is no longer a luxury in building a modern home it’s a necessity. “Future smarting” your home allows for integration of your home audio/video distribution, telephone, data network, intercom, security, video surveillance, and more. This is done by running all your cabling to one central distribution panel where all connections are made through modules or hubs. You don’t need to have your internet modem and router sitting on your desk.


These components can be stored out of the way, and out of sight. This makes it easier for you, the end user, to manage your own system. All the wires are “home-run” to a central panel and terminated in a neat and tidy fashion providing a clean finish and space to house any additional power supplies and components.

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